Coco fiber and it’s benefit

Coco fiber is much easier to work with than peat moss as it tends to stay together as you cut it and form it into the shape that works best for your application. Unlike peat moss, Coco Roll can be cut into any shape for your planting needs.


coco fiber

Carpets, mats, brushes and charcoal can made by use of this coconut husk and some time these coconut husk are uses of coconut for crafting product by small and medium entrepreneur. Coconut husk  for various commercial product and these husk got great commercial value too. Coconut husk also use as a raw materials for various production and since it’s natural there are no such side effects. coconut coir  got the capacity to clean recycle and this is 100% recyclable product. Most of coconut coir fiber is long 4 to 12 inches in long and they colored brown and white naturally. Normally the coconut which old more than 6 months harvested and this some times  it can  harvested even in one year for palm too. Brown coir can get from the matured coconut shell and white fiber taken from young shell.


Coir produced by use of coconut husk and this is also well-known as a natural fiber. Coir produced by handmade procedure from coconut husk and some times use machinery to produce coir from outer shell of coconut. After harvesting mature coconut and extract nut from coconut husk which is outer shell of coconut fruit. There are various grades of coconut choir available and it is better to consider the grade of husks before application. There are various types of coconut coir in the market such as


Brown fiber

White fiber

Bristle Coir

Buffering Coir


Coir widely use for various production and the main producer of coir are India and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is well popular to produced best coir in the world.this got best fertilizer in capacity and its also use for multi purpose applications. This coconut coir also known as ecofiber in Philippine. Coconut coir is another great product form this coconut tree and most of valuable products created by using this sub product of coconut tree.


Coir is widely used to produce rope and most of coir rope got greater strength. Coir is produce by domestic in coastal areas of Sri Lanka and India, but sometime coir production done in mass scale for export and use as raw material for creates the production.  Most of coir production is environmental friend and they can easily recyclable.Coconut coir use for various types of production such as ropes filters in aquariums, floor carpets, brushes, bed matness and seat covers. Coconut coir serves better for aquarium filters and other filtering equipment. Apart from mentioned production coconut coir is also used for growing media for plants too.following are several product which create by uses of coconut coir.


product of coco fiber

Water holding capacity is very high for coir based medium than peat base medium for plant potting. Coir based medium also have lifespan of more than 4 years were parted based growing medium severs 2 years life span. But Coir got low nutrient compare to coconut husks.Coco based production like Coconut choir has a great history. History says that coconut choir use as ship ropes in 11th century. This coir was introduce  to western world in 19th century and most of coconut coir based floor carpets introduced.


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